McGonagall Costume


Dress up in a prim and proper Professor McGonagall Costume this Halloween!

Minerva McGonagall is the Gryffindor House, Deputy Headmistress who is known for being prim and proper. She is known for being one of the few Animagi of the century, being able to take the form of a silver tabby cat at will.

How to make a great McGonagall Costume:

  • Wear your hair in a tight bun or wear a dark wig pulled back in a bun. McGonagall has black hear and typically wears it in a tight bun.
  • Wear square glasses – McGonagall wears square glasses that match the markings around the eyes of a silver tabby cat.mcgonagall-glasses
  • Wear Emerald green robe – McGonagall is often seen in flowing emerald green robes, however, a black robe is much easier to find and would work as well.

Carry a Wand – she always carried a magical wand with her.


About Minerva McGonagall:

Professor McGonagall is the Deputy Headmistress for the Gryffindor House of Hogwarts. She is tall and proper looking with black hair worn back in a bun, square glasses, emerald green robes and a pointed hat. She is renowned for being an Animagus, which means she can take the form of a silver tabby cat at will.

McGonagall was usually very prim and stern and was respected and even feared by nearly all students at Hogwarts. As a professor, she was very strict and did not allow talking or laughing from her students. She is very smart and a passionate Quidditch fan. She also absolutely loved cats and wearing tartan plaid.

McGonagall had many talents and strengths. She was an expert duelist and accomplished at holding back death eaters as well as dueling with Snape. She was also a transfiguration master. She taught transfiguration and demonstrated her magical ability by turning desks and amour to help defend the school. She also had the rare ability to turn herself into a tabby cat. She often did this when she wished to be anonymous and unseen. She also was able to create a Patronus which takes the form of a cat.

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