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Dress in a Draco Malfoy Costume from the Slytherin House this Halloween!

Draco Malfoy is a pure-blood wizard who is a student of the Slytherin house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is Harry Potter’s arch-enemy at the Hogwarts School. Draco is the son of Lucius Malfoy, a death eater.

Here is how to create a Draco Malfoy Costume:


Slytherin Robe – there are quite a few great options for Slytherin robes and accessories this year. You can find Slytherin robes with the Slytherin crest embroidered on them or just use a dark colored robe that you have or make.

Slytherin Accessories – Draco Malfoy is a die hard Slytherin and proudly wears the Slytherin colors of green and silver. You can wear a white shirt underneath the robe and add a Slytherin tie and scarf to complete the look. They have some great slytherin ties and scarves available or you can make your own from green fabric and silver paint.

Hair – Draco Malfoy’s hair is platinum blond so you can find a blond wig and slick the hair so it looks like Malfoy’s.

Malfoy’s Wand – Like any magical Wizard Draco Malfoy carries a magical wand. We found this Draco Malfoy replica wand that looks just like the one he uses in the Harry Potter movies.

About Draco Malfoy:

Draco Malfoy is the son of Lucius Malfoy, a death eater and pure-blood. He is Harry Potter’s arch-enemy at Hogwarts and resides in the Slytherin House. Draco strikes his enemies through psychological warfare rather than by brute strength. He uses his pure-blood stature to intimidate other less prosperous than himself, like Ron Weasley. Draco is a bully and a bigot and never feels remorse for any of his actions.

Draco was raised to hold high the importance of blood purity. Lord Voldemort ordered Draco to make up for his father’s failure by becoming a Death Eater at the age of sixteen. Draco quickly became disheartened with the Death Eater lifestyle. He was ultimately unable to complete the task given to him by Voldemort, killing Albus Dumbledore. Draco and his family defected prior to the end of the 2nd Wizarding War to avoid imprisonment in Azkaban after Voldemort’s defeat.

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